A Closer Look at the Belles


Amy Mushall, soprano, aka Kitty Belle, is a native of Michigan.  She spent her collegiate years in K-A-L-A-M-A-Z-O-O, oh what a guy!....but we digress.  A vocal dynamatrix, Amy can sing anything, from Broadway to pop to jazz to classical...elevator music...soft rock...gregorian chant….  Her first Boogie Woogie experience was in High School. Amy is an avid singing traveler whose excursions have taken her to Canada, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia, England, Austria and Italy.  A real family girl, Amy has collected a husband (Eric), two beautiful children, two cats, two dogs, several fish and guinea pig that has not been seen in weeks.


Amalia Dobbins, mezzo-soprano, aka Birdie Belle, hails from the wine country of Northern California.  When the wine could no longer satisfy she took a sojourn in India where she got her yoga teaching certification in Rishikesh (where the Beatles wrote the White Album).  Amalia finally put down roots in Colorado Springs where she had two home births resulting in two beautiful boys. Her husband Patrick is a meadmaker and an advocate for honeybee awareness.  Amalia is a proud graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (and is still paying off her student loans).


Amber Marek, contralto, aka Foxy Belle, was born and raised in Colorado Springs.  She was an opera singer turned country singer turned opera singer again before finally settling on Swing.  OCU's Miss Congeniality is also a yodelling competition winner with mad rapping skillz (baby got back!). Mother of three (including twin boys) she doesn’t need to lift weights at the gym, she just carries her babies around.  After almost 20 years of marriage to Czech native Vlastislav Marek III, she still doesn’t speak Czech. Here’s hoping the next generation will be bilingual.


Our Artistic Team

Zetta Alderman, stage director and choreographer

Martile Rowland, manager and vocal coach

Sandi Shroads, pianist and band leader

Special thanks to Springs Dance for use of their rehearsal studio!

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